i was almost an abortion

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


as far as he was concerned,
if the statistics were really, real,
it must be plausable to say that
if i'm driving down the street at 2 in the morning,
and horny,
that, one in ten people
driving by...
MUST also be horny,
and gay,
what's the problem...
pull the fuck over n let me blow u!
what's the deal..
why is it so impossible to find a truck driver
with a 10 inch cock that needs service at 2am...
i mean, really.
what's the point of doing the research to find out how many homos exist,
if in actuality,
all 1/10th of them are home in bed.
it's a little known fact that
gay men who sit at home and don't release the 10% gay sperm that is in them, daily,
while their brothers on tghe front line are
cruising, manhunting, caming, whatever-ing...
that it makes us a scommunity weak,
so support your gay brothers and go out and let any one of them suck u off...

just sayin'
it would be nice...

that's my public announcement of the day.

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