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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

what becomes a legend most.

yea, ur hot alright...

yea girl,
your body's pumped,
you got a job....
you just had your hair did,
it's all good,
and i aint gonna put ya down or nothin,
it's just,
it's been done before,
so much better!
the hair was did, but it was did differently.
the mani-pedi, well, it is a new era, and a queen should get her hoofs done,
but the thing that, really, more than anything
your missing...
is style.

see, back before you were born,
back when people didn't get fed fashion and media blitzes 24/7
back then, there were people who,
from out of nowhere,
fell to earth to change it.
they were by some,
considered outcasts, misfits,
but by some, they were glorious...
fallen angels who embodied an era,
a time,
a look,
a moment.
and somehow,
after all these years...
the moment lasts,
continues, even grows.
the legends we somehow forget
are the things that queens like me won't let you forget.
they are the things
the people,
the moments
the icons
who we forever will recall as great.

joe dallesandro
heard of him?
well, if not, it's a long weekend,
and it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow,
so fire island and p-town are gonna be BORING,
and no one's gonna see ur new bikini anyway,
maybe it's time to teach yourself something
that just may make you sound intelligent in a conversation
that ISN'T being had on Manhunt.
ok, i'm being shady,
but, it's only cause you're stupid...




andy warhol saw it,
and he saw it all before anyone else even knew it was something...
natural beauty,
perfection and embodiment of what porn could have been...
what it strives for,
but never gets right.

this is our time now men,
we must look back at what is truly great,
and learn...

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