i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


sometimes i wonder why i even try
it doesn't even matter why,
because the hardest thing of all
no matter how high i climb,
i always fall.
quite frankly i'm just sick of it...to give your best and get back shit...
and then you watch as others fly, and they never even have to try...
it's never fair to me, it seems, why everything happens in extremes.
one day when you feel not so great, the world around you tempts your fate. by casting evil, wicked spells that seem as if they're shot from hell.
the next day happiness proceeds, and little birds chirp symphonys around you everyone smiles and says "have a good day", enough said.
theres got to be an in between, where things are not meerly orange or green...i hope to find it soon, some day, and when i do, i'll stop and say, i feel like everything around me changed, and life has suddenly rearranged, the misery that one i had, has turned around, and now i'm glad i got to see the bad of life, now i can truly, see the light, and never more will i be, miserable beause, indeed, i know both sides, and i choose thee.

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