i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

shut up

do people feel the need
to stick their nose in other peoples buisness when they know not of what they speak?
i just don't understand what makes anyone think that they an speak to someone that they think they know, when in fact, they hve only heard one side of the story, have heard only bits and pieces of what that one side chose to disclose, and they believe and then rehash only the bits and pieces they remember from the story to begin with...
people who need people are the un-lukiest people in the world.
they are rarely reliable, scarcely there when needed, predictably unknowledgeable and carelessly outspoken when it comes to their mouths, actions and doings.

just shut up people...i don't care what you think...it doesn't really matter because i know, in my heart, what's real, whats just, whats palatable, and whats true...trust me, i know, better than you.


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