i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

nothing is everything

nothings ever easy,
everything is hard,
i'm not as naive as to think
it' easy when it's not.
why is everything so complicated
there's gotta be a better way
i tried my best
but none the less
i failed again today...
no one ever said that things would come to me,
i ever expected that
but when i put it all on the line
there's nothing left that i can hide
s why am i constantly denied
the right to again feel dignified
when others around me, who have lied,
get ahead of me,
while i tand in line
waiting for someone to say
ok, now's your time...
it' not like i am lazy,
it's not like i am dumb,
it's not like i haven't shown the world,
that i am someone...
but people say and people do
everything, and act the fool
they'd rather play by a set of rules
then break away
and rule the world.
nothing ever comes from common
no one  ever became a star
by doing things as they've been done
a thousand times before.
so stop, look, listen
and then you'll maybe see
that i am my own person
i control my destiny.


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