i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

READing is FUNdamental

i hate that i have to do it,
but i will.
just cause you pushed me too far.
i was nice.
you were an asshole.
you took advantage.
you used me.
you thought i wasn't gonna retaliate?
why in the world would you ever think that?

you know me MUCH better than that.
and you know i'm no fool...
so, i ask ya,
last chance...
do you really wanna play games with me?
cuz trust...
ya gonna lose!

aks yer man'zes, or babymomma, (cuz she tryin to get knocked up wit all dem loads she done be gettin shot up her cootch) fer da coins, she can supply u, don't she do that anyway?????  911 please! i has an emergen-T
dat's whatcha git fer bein shady gurl...

i'm gonna ask once more, and then, you're through....

wanna play??????

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