i was almost an abortion

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

this is only a test!

it was  then, at that very second that there seemed to be a glitch, or switch, from the regularly scheduled program to static, which went immediately into the most horrific siren sound that pierced my ears straight into my brain. BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! BEEP! and then, silence.
until, not even a second later,
"this is a test from the Emergency Broadcast Company.  for the next sixty seconds we will be conducting....." blablabla.
to think, a test from the emergency broadcast company, who, if in case this WASN'T a test,
would i'm sure, be so far away from their desks, and running insanely home to their family's, or lovers, or wherever just to get away from the impending doom that was obviously about to crash right into them, probably, no, most definitely destroying everything around them that they had ever known...so, like, what good was this anyway?

he grabbed the remote and started switching through channels, quickly realizing that there was actually nothing at all on t.v., so he flipped open his dvd case of porn, pulled out the first dvd he saw, popped it n the player, hit play from where he left off last time, and as his hand slid down into the warmth of his cock, then a bit further to under his balls, his "taint", between the corduroy jeans and tighty whitey's, he felt that certain pull in his nut sack, and his dick started pulsing. and then, just as the Tom & Jerry cartoon he was watching got interrupted by static, so did his sexual desire for the next few weeks...when the video started playing where he had stopped it last time after he blew his load jacking to that scene, his stomach got nauseous, his cock went immediately limp, his whole body got clammy and he felt sure he would throw up. there it was, full, on screen, right in front of him was the sight he thought could possibly be the most disgusting thing he'd ever seen, right in front of his eyes...naked. Michael Lucas, naked, getting serviced by some hot kid who obviously needed money, bad. and that was it. vomit came rushing out from his throat, diarrhea shot out of his asshole, flooding his tighty whitey's and making a mess of everything else around him...
so, the moral of the story is, don't ever watch Michael Lucas porn, unless you-re a scat queen and want to shit all over yourself...because there is maybe nothing more vial in the universe, than him naked...even fully clothed, but naked?
don't tempt fate.

you've been warned!

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