i was almost an abortion

Saturday, February 4, 2012


it's from a very distinct impression

that somewhere here, there is a lesson,

maybe not yet uncovered,

but the need has been discovered

by many individuals

who have not received residuals

from many of the rituals.

the economy is bleak,

something that is not unique,

for the country's in despair

and desperatly needs repair.

the people who work hardest

find little hope or faith, reguardless,

of the hours that they spend

doing things they comprehend

to be the thing that will indeed

help them to succeed.

time is spent each day

trying to repay

debts that have been made

by others who in fact, betrayed

the country as a whole,

and so life is now on hold

and no matter what they do

they find little faith, it's true...

for the one that should be blamed

is someone who is named

bush and chenney too,

the culprits of our doom.

but instead of giving back,

the republicans attack,

and create a insane vision

of how bad we're in remission.

there's nowhere left to turn

the country now has learned

that in no way shape or form

should this be considered norm.

is hope around the corner?

will there be some way to garner

a little hope at least

or have we eaten our last feast?

i hope and pray each day

that these troubles will go away,

but unfortunatly i see,

little hope, indeed.

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