i was almost an abortion

Saturday, February 4, 2012

u just never know.

don't be surprised
if one day you see,
somethng you never liked before,
has something interesting, unique,
and instead of going for the usual,
you decide to try something you never quite thought you'd like...
but you find out,
in fact,
you really did enjoy it after all.
it doesn't mean that everything like that will suit your tastes,
but then again,
who knows.
you never thought you'd have liked it in the first place,
and yet,
here you are having it again.
taste is tricky.
no one can dictate what it is you should like,
because it's all personal.
it depends on many factors, like,
the way you were raised,
the smells that they made,
the taste that they had,
the way they felt...
and no two people have the same two experiences.
so, just be happy you chose,
something different, as opposed,
to the sameness you grew accostomed to,
because change is good.
we grow when we change,
we experience,
we develop,
we redefine ourselves,
our likes,
and our tastes.
we become better people.
maybe not better,
just more open minded.

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