i was almost an abortion

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Werq It

i'd like to get to know ya
so i can show ya
put the pussy on ya
like i told ya
gimme all ur numbers so i can phone ya
ur girl act the stank thing
call me over
not on the bed
lay me on the sofa
calll before ya come
i need to shave my chocha.

werq it.
i need a glass of water.
and in the last stretches of what i hope to call my past,
very soon.
every time i get here,
i get anxious,
freak out,
act the fool,
and fuck it up.
i can't do that again.
i know exactly what i want.
i know exactly how to get it,
execute it from scratch,
make it happen,
leave my mark,
make them gag.
werq it.
and then,
this won't even matter.

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