i was almost an abortion

Sunday, April 15, 2012

maybe im wrong.

it started very innocently.
i thought i was being nice.
but i'm usually not the best judge of these sorts of things.
i see things very different than most.
i look for the best in everything.
i believe there is good in all.
i am convinced that good will always outweigh bad,
triumph over evil,
the sun will always brighten what dark things hide in the night.
people will not let the dark side win.
they like the idea that it could,
even would,
but the reality is,
noone wants that.
everyone roots for the underdog.
no one wanted to believe that bad was finally here to stay
and the torch that kept us bright
had been blown out with just one puff.

but it was gone.
it had left,
and left the remaining ones there cold,
shaken, alone, and frightened.
what now?
what next?
why, why?

there was nothing offered as an answer.
no one to soothe the  restless heads that now were seconds from imploding.
no gentle hands to caress the children below,
or the adults everywhere.
every man for himself
someone said from somewhere far away.
it echoed through streets,
bounced off buildings,
vibrated off glass.
it was the last sound anyone heard before
it all went

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