i was almost an abortion

Sunday, April 15, 2012

stop, please?

long starry nights,
unedited babbling conversations that take you nowhere,
starting and ending,
always in the middle,
with nothing to alter
good or bad
or unseemingly indifferent,
never right or wrong,
just spoken
and elaborated on
with nowhere to go.
just words
leading to words,
telling stories of what once happened when
with who and what the results were,
if any.
what did i say?
who was i talking about?
where am i?
why am i telling you this?
what were we talking about?
do u feel that weed?
so, anyway,
i was saying...
where did this begin?
how does one make it end?
it just won't stop,
it just, won't, STOP!

please make this stop.

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