i was almost an abortion

Sunday, April 15, 2012


sometimes people say
things that dont really matter, anyway.
but they like to hear
the words they say are clear,
but dont they know
in the end i just don't care.
i hear you,
yes i do,
i understand ur words, to u
mean something,
but you see,
they just don't mean a thing to me.
so stop
and just remember
that theres times,
like last september,
when i cared and would have thought
ok, u sold, i bought
but now i have to say
go ur own way...
ive heard it all before,
so please dont be a bore,
and me, i'll just ignore
all the lame things you adore,
are things i can't explore,
nor will endulge
so enough,
now ur just a nudge.

i gotta rock on with it,
be something in my life the way i live it,
to know it's about what i want
and in the end,
you must depend,
u will not be around me in the end.

your just not somebody
i care to spend
one more minute with,
the end.

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