i was almost an abortion

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Salute Remix

the 2 that inspired me the most,
they brought me up when i was feeling down,
they gave me hope,
dreams and pushed my mind to
see that there's more to life than i even imagined.
there are things i'll never dream possible,
others may one day be probable.
some will be unstoppable.
my life will be undeniable
as one that will show me as reliable,
no more places do i need to go
no more seeds i need to sow,
nothing else i can outgrow,
and in my head,
i know i know...
it's time to start again,
say goodbye to these old friends,
not be stuck on their sad and bitter end,
just know in myself i can depend.
theres nothing more i need to show.
and so now,
i can go
and continue, mature and grow.
it's my life,
my head,
my dreams,
my mistakes,
my destiny.
it's mine,
and i will make it now
my own.


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