i was almost an abortion

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Okay, it's done...
and the time has come
to put behind us
all the crap that this past year's brung.
i'm moving on
i'll start again,
but don't forget,
i don't play games...
sometimes people think that being sweet
means your stupid,
until they see
what i hide
deep down inside
is more ruthless
than you could ever guess.
so don't you think
even for a sec
that i'm just some washed up, haggard wreck.
cause u aint seen my best work yet
just you wait,
and do not forget
that here i am,
and i told you so...
so let me take you
outta control.
my been there, done that, had him, yea well,
attitude comes straight from hell.
and if by chance you even think
i'm a has-been/used up/tierd queen,
all i can say
is take a look...
i do things that you cannot overlook.
 3 books, some videos, and a dvd
what's that you say?
i thought so, queen!

 sincerely, thank you, to everyone
who helped me through
what has become
the very worst time
of my life...
i hope it's over,
i pray for it to be,
i know i say that everything
happens for a reason,
but come on, i mean...
why'd i have to go through
all that crap, i hope it's true
that what my motto
reads, to date
makes all that shit
be worth the wait...
merry christmas,
happy new year,
bitch, you better be fierce!

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