i was almost an abortion

Saturday, December 22, 2012

see...it's already started to work.

2 hours ago 

it's been, honestly, the toughest year of my 26, oops, i mean, 45 years. i have been down to my lowest (i hope) place in life, and hope and pray (yes, i do have faith in a higher being) that the new year coming up is one that can be, even 2 tiny steps better, not just for me, but for everyone...we are all in a bad place...the world is not kind anymore, people have gotten greedy, everything we know is changing, and not in the right direction. but understand one thing, truly, through it all, we are all in this together...we may think that we are alone, sometimes, but then, if you stop and just look around, and are able to be thankful for the things you have, the people that love you, and then look even further and see that, probably, you are actually much better off than most.
we need to make the world a better place, because if we don't try, even a little, than we are headed for a bitter end to what could be a fairy tale story. reach out, be kind, donate, give back...it's up to you, it's up to me, it's up to us, and if we pull together and join as one in the belief that we want and need everything around us to change, grow, blossom and be something that future generations can look back on and be proud of, we must cherish the very things that we sometimes, so easily, forget...that we are stronger, more powerful, and better people, if we put aside our own crap, (once in a while), and just open up, be selfless, understanding, and generous.
it's time people...
you are not on this planet forever...
it's a limited engagement for everyone...
make the world a better place, because, in the long run, it will make you feel better, do better, and quite possibly make everything and everyone, better, all around.

"everything happens for a reason"...i keep telling myself, i hope it's really true, because it's got to...that's why...

i want to just say, thank you, to everyone, for everything that you've given me the past year(s). without you, i'm nothing, and i truly say that, from the bottom of my heart.
happy holidays,
i love you.
xo j/o

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