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Saturday, December 22, 2012

piss off!

Christmas comes but once a year,
so here u go, u fuckin' queers...
read my blog, cause i show trade...
and unlike the rest,
it's all home made.
so don't say i don't give u anything...
ho ho ho...
merry christmas, i love you all!
there's more to cum,
just wait ya'll!

piss off-
 it's not easy being me...the things i hear, the things i've seen...they all get misconstrued it seems, when i try to be nice, it gets seen as mean.
yesterday, i met a guy, on scruff no less, and he stopped by. he dropped his pants, he pulled out a huge dick, before i had the chance to even take a lick, i asked if it would be ok, if i photographed him, and with no delay, he say yes, and so i began to take the time to make him look somewhat refined. we shot not even 50 frames, i had the shots and they looked great, but then i asked if it was ok, if i used them as i wanted, and he said, "ok". so when he left, i took the time to Photoshop them, and dame, he looked fine. when i was done, i used them here, in a post with a message that was very sincere. i posted one, concealed online, and then my phone began ringing overtime.  
 "i'm not happy!" was all he said, "why?" i asked, and that was when, he threatened me, told me that he didn't want his photos printed publicly... "excuse me, really? i even asked..." he threatened me and then i gasped. so let this be a warning, guys, if you let me shoot you, be advised, that the reason that i'm doing it, is cause i'm a photographer, now do you get it?
you may be hot, even divine, but guess what baby, stand in line...
if you agree, and if we shoot,
 there is nothing more for you to dispute. pull your cock out? show off your hole?
now it's for the world to see, so understand, you've lost control...
if you don't want the world to see, keep it in your pants,
 it's that easy...

 btw, this is NOT the guy i'm talking about...but  to u queens in the 
DC area...bottoms especially...if your smart, and have a hungry hole, here's the man you need to know...
xo j/o


MOUSEtrip said...

wow dude...you're fucking hot and sexy pics too

Anonymous said...

HE is fucking hot, but the photographer is very talented. Beautiful images.