i was almost an abortion

Saturday, December 22, 2012

memoirs of an a.d.d. psychotic, neurotic mess who has to deal with a retarded ex

OMG! (people r insane)

all alone and far away
i watch it all slowly decay.
i tried to grasp hold of reality
but it let go, and set me free.
i've asked for help
a billion times,
this time the boy who cried wolf
has really, truly,
lost his mind.
what is going on?
i try to ask.
who cares,
it's going to be over fast.
i used to think that, one day
you'd understand i'm not okay.
you did your best,
i think,
i guess,
perhaps next time
i'll hope for less.
i know it isn't easy to be my friend,
so maybe it's time for it to end.
i have no where to go, it's true,
i'll do just what i always do.
nothing, really, 
except lose my mind.
what's that?
you care?
or are you just being kind?
as the walls around me
come tumbling down
i feel unsteady,
on my face, a frown.
the ground quakes,
my body aches,
for christ sake,
i'm about to break!
one more time,
just once, i'll ask,
help me?
no reply?
well, i guess then, 

on the other hand,
let me get this straight...
i once had visions that what we had was great.
but then you opened up your mouth,
out came crap,
that's when it went south.
so let me say this
loud and clear
your not what you portrayed,
in fact, my dear...
your the mess,
and not i,
i can't believe you made me cry.
your unreal,
why did i feel
that we had something special,
till you broke the deal.
ok, i get it now, it's cool.
now i understand
besides being stupid,
your also cruel.
and now you've proven
who's the fool...

this time was close,
i can't explain,
but i truly thought
i was insane...
but sanity is over rated
caused by those who probably 
a simple fact,
that i'll make now,
just to keep you on track,
cause as a mater of fact,
your not anything, anywhere, anymore,
and never were, never will be, and will never again
treat me that way.
you got it

ok, i'm out!

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